Tories seek auditor general review of Liberal infrastructure plan


OTTAWA — The Opposition Conservatives are hoping to use their newfound sway in a minority Parliament to force an audit of the Liberals’ infrastructure program.

The Tories have heavily criticized the government’s decade-long infrastructure spending program, slated to cost more than $180-billion and pay for new roads, bridges, transit and water systems in municipalities large and small.

The program has had some hiccups, with money moving out of the federal treasury slower than originally anticipated, sometimes because of issues beyond the government’s control.

The Conservatives are asking the House of Commons on Tuesday to have the auditor general to review the program and report back in a year.

The auditor can heed parliamentary requests for audits that aren’t already planned, but has discretion to decide which ones they actually do.

Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux says the Liberals have so far only talked a good game about helping cities improve and expand their aging infrastructure.


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