Batchewana Supports All Land Defenders Across Turtle Island Says Chief

Dean Sayers
Batchewana First Nation Chief Dean Sayers

The Chief and Council of Batchewana First Nation (BFN) would like to express their support for all Indigenous people across Turtle Island who have organized rallies and demonstrations as a means of exercising their jurisdiction and standing up for their inherent rights.

Unfortunately, First Nations people – who are supporting the protection of Indigenous territories – are being arrested, taunted and harassed.

Peace is at the core of many teachings of First Nations people. We are encouraging all people to remain calm during this time. We are peaceful people that want to ensure that we are setting the right course for Nation-to-Nation relations.

The leadership of BFN have always taken pride in being a progressive Nation by exercising Sovereignty and redefining relationships with Government and industry through a number of mediums such as the Notice of Assertions, a document which outlines the Nation’s rights and interests it asserts in its original, traditional and historic territory.

BFN will be hosting a 4-day sacred fire to demonstrate their support ceremonially for the land defenders across Turtle Island. Friends and supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend the gathering which will be held at the Administration Office located at 236 Frontenac St, Batchewana First Nation, starting on Friday February 28, 2020.

“We call on Canada and representatives of the Crown to peruse peaceful remedies to resolve the uncomfortable climate that is being created across Canada. We know many Canadians are being inconvenienced by blockades and rallies and it’s difficult to identify with the broader issues at the forefront. Canada knows the issues, Canada knows what their obligations are and Canada has the ability to resolve this conflict”, said Chief Dean Sayers.

BFN leadership would like to recognize the efforts of many grassroots individuals and groups coming together in Sault Ste. Marie and across Canada to express their support, we encourage everyone to make every effort to keep these events safe and peaceful.


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