Northern Credit Union is committed to supporting members and staff


Northern Credit Union (Northern) is committed to supporting members and staff through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Northern Credit Union understands that these are unprecedented times and members and the public have many questions and concerns. Like you, Northern has never faced a situation like this. Northern is committed to making a difference for our members and communities and is working diligently to put solutions in place to provide support. “It is times like these that it is important that our members know that we are here for them,” says Richard Adam, President and CEO of Northern Credit Union. “We have made several changes to ensure that we can continue to serve our members while maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our staff and members.”

Some of the ways Northern Credit Union is providing support and doing their part include:

  • Flexible Solutions for Members – Northern will continue to work with all individual and small business members, on a case-by-case basis, to offer flexible solutions. This support may include up to a six-month deferral on mortgages, and/or payment relief on other credit products.
  • Increased Staff in our True North HUB – The True North HUB, contact centre provides members with access to real-time solutions remotely through the telephone. As of Monday, March 23, we will be increasing the number of staff available to support members in the contact center. Members may experience higher than normal wait times. Northern appreciates your patience as our staff work to support all members. To reach the True North HUB, please call 1-866-413-7071 during the hours of (Mon, Tues, Fri 8 am-6 pm; Wed, Thurs 8 am-7 pm; Sat 8 am-4 pm).
  • Self-Serve Banking – As always, members can access a range of services, and perform many banking transactions via the Mobile App and Online Banking. Northern employees are available to support members choosing to use these channels.
  • Temporary Branch Closures – Effective immediately, please be advised of three temporary branch closures. This step is necessary to ensure that we have employees in key roles to support members. These locations are:
    • Second Line, Sault Ste. Marie
    • Coniston, Greater Sudbury
    • Petawawa, Ottawa ValleyAlternate branches are available for all necessary, in-person services. In addition, self-serve options are also available to support members.As well, as events unfold, where the availability of staff becomes an issue, further temporary closures may be required. Please check the Northern Credit Union website regularly at for the most-up-to-date information.
  • Reduction of Hours – In order to protect members and staff, Northern has reduced all extended hour branch services. Please continue to check our website for updates related to branch hours.
  • Business Travel – All business travel for Northern staff has been cancelled.
  • Meetings Changes – Many meetings have either been cancelled or delayed until further notice. Northern’s AGM scheduled for April 17th is currently under review. We are considering alternate arrangements, which will be published at www.northerntogether/ in the near future. All reports and results from the AGM
    will be posted on Northern’s website at
  • Commitment to our Staff – “We understand that Northern staff are the “heart and soul” of our organization,” says Richard Adam, President and CEO of Northern Credit Union. “We will work with our staff to understand their needs and to assure them that their health and wellbeing is paramount to us.” Northern continues to work with employees to ensure that they take the proper health precautions necessary to protect themselves and their families. This may include, work from home solutions. We are assisting staff who are at high-risk or have high-risk family members, who are returning from out of Country, who are in self-isolation and those who are in self-isolation due to other conditions but are able to work.

Northern is taking every measure available to us, and taking all recommendations, in accordance with health professionals, to keep both our members and employees safe.

Northern thanks all their employees and members for their patience during this difficult circumstance.


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