Tory leadership candidates asked to stop calls, fundraising as vote postponed


OTTAWA — Conservative leadership candidates are being asked to stop fundraising and making calls to party members following a decision to suspend the race.

But at least one candidate says it is unfair for the party to make that request if it is not firmly committed to delaying the vote as well.

The party’s leadership organizing committee made the call late Thursday night to hit pause on the contest, citing the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The new leader was set to be announced June 27, but the party says that date is no longer feasible and it will revisit the timeline on May 1.

Candidate Derek Sloan says the way he reads the new rules, the party hasn’t ruled out the possibility of still opening up voting this spring.

Though he had been among those calling for a delay, he says hitting pause on campaigning without a firm commitment to delay the vote makes no sense.


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