Letter: A Happy COVID Holiday and a Happy COVID New Year


By Dr. Paul Preston, Physician, North Bay

This year’s holiday season amidst a pandemic is a first for us all. And it’s going to be different in many ways.  The usual big family and friend get-togethers would cause a surge in COVID-19 cases, overwhelming our hospitals, so that caring for anyone with any type of serious illness would be drastically impaired, as has occurred in Italy and other places around the world. As a physician, I shudder to imagine that reality coming to pass.  We have one chance now to make choices and plans, so that nightmare will not happen to us. That is to weather the storm knowing it will pass, keeping our loved ones and our communities safe, by pausing old traditions that are simply dangerous this year.  And instead, being careful and creative by planning and enjoying a unique “COVID Holiday and New Year celebration” that is worry free and safe. One that ensures our loved ones, especially our seniors, have the best chance to continue to enjoy many more holidays with us.

We need to stay vigilant with physical distancing, mask wearing, handwashing and especially limiting our gatherings to people within our household only. People living alone can safely gather with one additional household as a way to spend the holidays.

Vaccines are on their way, and this pandemic will end at some point. What remains to be seen is how much disease and death will occur amongst us until then. And more then ever, that is in our hands to determine this holiday season, by our individual demonstrations of caring for one another, especially the most vulnerable, our treasured and loved seniors. Nothing could express the spirit of the holidays more this year.

Happy COVID Holiday and a Happy COVID New Year.

Stay Safe.

Dr. Paul Preston, Physician, North Bay



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