Municipality of Huron Shores Municipal Office to Remain Closed


The Municipality of Huron Shores has extended its safety measures to protect the Community, as follows:

  • The Municipal Office will remain closed to the public until further notice.  Staff are available by email.  However, with many now working from home, if leaving a telephone message at 705-843-2033, please press “0”, rather than their extension.  Your message will be relayed to the appropriate staff person.
  • The use of Waste Site Punch Cards will be postponed until further notice.  However, you are still required to present your Identification Card to the Caretaker, from a safe distance.
  • A Mail Slot is located to the left of the Main Entrance and is available 24/7.  It is checked daily from Monday to Friday, with the exception of Holiday Hours.

It is imperative to follow the Stay-At-Home Order and practice all safety protocols as set out by Algoma Public Health.

Remember, it only takes one exposure to lead to increased numbers of COVID-19 cases (such as parties, family gatherings, workplace exposures, etc.).  You may be a carrier and not know it.  It is important that we continue to BE KIND, and wrap as much support as we can around the Community.  Moving forward, as cases appear, please DO NOT SHAME any group or person, or paint an entire community with stigma.  Rather, support folks who are ill and need assistance, and HELP combat misperceptions and stigma.  The vast majority of Algoma residents are taking necessary precautions.  Let’s continue to encourage this, while not stigmatizing ill individuals, nor entire communities.

If you know of someone who may not have family or friends to check in on them, give them a call.  If you reside in Huron Shores and are ill and don’t have someone to deliver groceries, prescriptions or essential needs to you, please call 705-843-2033 or 705-542-5528.




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