Don’t be caught on the trail without a permit

OPP Snowmobiling

In a Friday Facebook post to snowmobile trail users, the Sault Trailblazers issued a warning that police would be out this weekend checking for both valid permits and speeding. Riders can be issued a fines for riding on a prescribed trail without a valid trail permit as well as exceeding the trail speed limit of 50 kph.

All riders should also have the following documentation ready should they be stopped:

  1. Valid Trail Permit
  2. Vehicle Registration
  3. Proof of insurance
  4. Plate and updated sticker
  5. Drivers license

The full post can be seen here:

“Unfortunately, we are noticing that there seems to be a number of riders who believe that they don’t need a valid OFSC Trail permit to ride on our trail system.

This is not only discouraging to our volunteers who work year round to prepare and maintain the trails but it’s also unfair to all riders who buy a permit and contribute to insuring, maintaining and grooming our trail system.

Why should they subsidize others to ride for free? We can assure the freeloaders that the police will be out on the trails checking for and laying charges against any riders who think they’re above the law and don’t need a valid permit.

To our permit holders, please get out and enjoy the trails for the family day weekend. The conditions have finally improved that allowed us to get them in good shape!”

According to some responses to their post the trails are in good condition. The Sault Trailblazers website shows a fair amount of trails open for riders to use this weekend.


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