Envision a Better Economy for Ontario with Social Finance Series


The Fair Finance Fund, a social finance fund for Ontario’s local food and farm sector, will be hosting a series of online webinars throughout March. The series will explore innovations in social finance and impact investing, engaging with speakers from organizations around the world, who are leaders in the social finance space.

Sessions will be hosted every Wednesday at noon EST, beginning on Wednesday, March 3 and ending on March 31, 2021.

The speakers come from organizations that enrich communities, encourage place-based democratic governance of economic power. Their work brings vitality back to ecosystems, grows community wealth and health and provides sustainable finance solutions. Each session will share significant opportunities that exist beyond Ontario, including discussions of:

  • New models of investing for social purpose
  • Innovations in finance
  • Projects that are at the forefront of social and environmental change
  • Stories from the field
  • Best practices moving forward for people and the planet

“Envisioning a better economy is what we do. We want to take a look outside of our province to gain insight into sister organizations’ successes. This exploration will allow us to understand ways in which we can move towards a more sustainable economy and future for Ontario,” says Project Manager Sally Miller.

The Fair Finance Fund celebrates two years of operation, with over $1/2 million invested in Ontario’s local food and farm sector, 11 local food and farm enterprises supported, and over $1 million in capital raised from community-minded investors and institutions.

“With the challenges we are facing with COVID-19, we believe there isn’t a better time to explore a future that focuses on building a sustainable economy with sustainable finance,” says Chelsie Hunt, Social Finance Specialist.

To register, visit www.fairfinancefund.org/events.


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