Cody McClelland ~ A Bonified Kidney Health Ambassador


The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a national volunteer organization committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease. The Kidney Foundation is also committed to supporting research excellence through its grant programmes, having contributed over $127 million to research since 1964. In 2019 The Kidney Foundation invested $4,027,818 in research.

Kidney disease describes a variety of conditions and disorders that affect the kidneys. Most kidney disease attack the filtering units of the kidneys—the nephrons—and damage their ability to eliminate wastes and excess fluids. Kidney disease can range from mild to severe and in some cases, lead to kidney failure (sometimes referred to as end-stage kidney disease).

Superior Media spoke with a local man, Cody McClelland, who is not just a kidney health ambassador ~ He’s a kidney transplant recipient. Cody’s life intersected with kidney disease when he was very young. At the age of 18, Cody underwent a whole battery of medical tests ~ so too, did his father. When it was determined that Cody’s father was a match for a live donor kidney transplant, Cody and his father underwent the journey together. And the rest, is history. Watch the video for Cody’s truly inspiring story ~ the story of a child, who lived with kidney disease, and grew into a remarkable young man.

1 in 10 Canadians is living with kidney disease. Because there are often no symptoms until kidney disease is quite advanced, many people aren’t aware that they have the disease until they’ve already lost most of their kidney function.

According to The Kidney Foundation Canada, the number of people living with end-stage kidney disease has grown 35% since 2009.

75% of the 4,300 Canadians on the waiting list for an organ transplant are waiting for a kidney. 46% of new patients are under the age of 65. Presently, more than 50,000 Canadians are being treated for kidney failure.

Throughout the month of March, the #SixDegreeChallenge social media campaign is running. The Six Degree Challenge calls on citizens to help reduce the high burden of kidney disease by showing their support online and challenging others to do the same. “Despite being vital organs, kidneys are all too often overlooked or ignored as part of our overall health, said Craig Kerr, President of The Kidney Foundation’s Ontario Branch. “That is, until you or someone you love is affected.”  The 2021 theme is “Living Well with Kidney Disease.

World Kidney Day is March 11th, 2021.


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