Icebreaker coming to Bruce Mines Thursday

(BLIND RIVER, ON) –The East Algoma Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Canadian Coast Guard advises residents in the following areas that the CCGS Griffin will be carrying out operations on the following dates:
March 09 AM – Midland Harbour Breakout
March 09 PM – Transit to North Channel (Serpent Harbour)
March 10 AM – Fisher Harbour Breakout & Lafarge (Manitoulin Island)
March 11 – Bruce Mines & Thessalon breakout. Afterwards transit back south.
It is recommended that all recreational users of the ice – pedestrians, fishers, snowmobilers, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) operators – leave the ice during icebreaking operations. The ice may move, creating a real danger for anyone on the ice. Additionally, they should plan their activities carefully and use extreme caution after operations are complete as the ice will remain unstable after the icebreaker has left the area.
Coast Guard icebreaking service on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways is delivered in close co-operation between the Canadian and United States Coast Guards. By working together the two Coast Guards ensure scheduled vessel traffic can move through the shipping channels and into and out of community harbours.
The date is subject to change with no notice, as activities could begin before or after that period, depending on operational requirements or weather conditions.


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