Sudbury Hospital continues to combat COVID-19 outbreaks and patient influx

Health Sciences North

In a report sent out out yesterday, Health Sciences North is continuing to monitor three separate outbreaks of COVID-19 at the Ramsey Lake Health Centre in Sudbury. The most recent outbreak on the 7th floor of the north tower, HSN’s vascular, thoracic and urology surgical unit, resulted in five patients and one staff member testing positive for the virus and have since been transferred to the COVID-19 Unit. The outbreak, declared on March 16, remains under investigation and is reported to be contained to that unit.

An outbreak, declared on March 13 on the 4th floor of the south tower, is also reported to be contained. This outbreak involved two patients who tested positive and who have also since been transferred to the COVID-19 Unit. No staff were reported to be impacted.

Two staff who who tested positive for the virus on the 6th floor of the south tower, resulted in an outbreak being declared on March 12. These staff members are continuing to self-isolate. This outbreak is also reported to be contained with Designated Care Partner restrictions remaining in place until the outbreaks can be declared over.

As of noon on March 18, HSN has had 21 patients who have recently been admitted who tested positive for COVID-19, 6 of those patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. HSN is awaiting results on 40 additional patients who were also admitted over the past week.

With the recent outbreaks and HSN and increasing number of COVID-19 patients, HSN is preparing for a potential influx of COVID-19 patients requiring care in the hospital over coming weeks. HSN is taking steps to support staff and programs that provide critical life saving care while ensuring adequate bed capacity is available to meet these needs. The recent surge of positive cases in the Greater Sudbury region and variants of concern have resulted in HSN scaling back non-urgent outpatient clinics and programs to support critical and life saving care. Surgical activity which had recently to 105% of historical volumes, has also been scaled back to 80% of historical volumes.

Demand for testing at the HSN COVID-19 Assessment Centre also continues to increase with staff at their Regent Street site conducting an average of 450 COVID-19 tests daily during the week of March 15. In comparison, 250 tests per day were being admistered back in the fall of 2020. The assessment centre also stated that they are receiving close to 1,000 requests for appointments via online forms and telephone calls every day, this compared to a previous daily average of 280 requests per day.


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