At the Water’s Edge: Water Walk for Junction Creek

Liz Osawamick and Tasha Beeds

Starting May 5th to 9th, Plains Cree Mide-Kwe Water Walker Tasha Beeds will conduct her first Ceremonial Water Walk for Nibi Nikwejiwong (Junction Creek),  in Sudbury Ontario.  This will be done following all COVID guidelines.

Tasha Beeds was mentored under Josephine-Ba Mandamin, a highly respected Anishinaabe Grandmother and Late Water Walker who walked around the Great Lakes to bring awareness to the problems of water pollution and environmental degradation.

Tasha has walked approximately 7000 km to protect and raise awareness of various bodies of water across Turtle Island.

Tasha heard the call of the polluted creek when she moved to Sudbury as a professor in 2019. She then began spiritually consulting the water through a fasting Ceremony,  and began discussing and meeting with Elders about the history of the waterway.

The ceremonial movement of the Water Walk is in honour of Nibi’s (the Water’s) gift of life for all of creation.  Without water, nothing would survive, “we move because Water is Life.”

They have begun to prepare for the walk this week by collecting and cleaning up garbage found along the route they will be walking, a necessary step to prepare the land for the walk.

In the media release, it states “Water is a unifying force that brings people together because what happens to the Water happens to us all. The movement also generates the opportunity for active truth and reconciliation not just from non- Indigenous people, but for all people to reconcile our negligence and improve our relationships with the Waters, Lands and all of Creation.”

The Water Walk will finish on Mother’s Day, honouring Mother Earth and her lifeblood.  The walk will be documented and the public will be able to follow the walk from the comfort of their houses.

A link to the full media release for this event is here.

Stay with SaultOnline as we follow Tasha’s Water Walk.


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