First Nations Collective fights for Treaty Rights

The Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin is a collective representing the 21 First Nations included in the 1850 treaty.

Trial began this week in the Robinson Huron Annuity court case where Ontario is appealing the decision made by Justice Hennessey to side with the First Nations.

Earl Commanda, Executive Director for the Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin shares the intention behind the creation of the collective, “the Chiefs have made a decision to create our initiative to deal with things like overlapping boundaries, fishing rights, hunting rights, and anything that’s related to resources within the treaty territory moving forward.”

The Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin has recently released a magazine,  “The Robinsons Huron Treaty Times”, outlining what is happening with the annuity case, as well as community happenings.

Commanda sees the magazine as “a way to educate our ordinary community members, as well as the Canadian society out there, as to the importance of the treaty and what it means to us. In this part of Canada, our relationship to the crown being historical, and certainly from that aspect, we see that relationship as still being significant today, based on our signing of that original treaty in 1850.”

When asked how the community can support the cause, Commanda emphasized, “sign the petition. That’s a clear and simple message that we have there is to add your name to that petition. We are 30,000 Treaty beneficiaries strong in this area from Sault Ste Marie to North Bay to Manitoulin Island to Parry Sound. We have put out the ask for our citizens and Ontarians to look at this and support our position of asking the government to put a stop to these appeals.”

The Ontario Government is continuing to spend tax dollars to appeal the Robinson Huron Annuity Case.  Twice now, the Justice’s hearing the case have sided with the First Nations’ claim against Ontario.

You can find a copy of the “Treaty Times” at your local band office.  Follow the Robinson Huron Waawiindaamaagewin to keep up with everything around the annuity case.


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