Ford notified to expect delays in shipments of AstraZeneca vaccines


The following statement has just been issued by the PMO’s office today, shortly after learning that there may be delays with two shipments of AstraZeneca vaccines from the federal government which the province was expecting later this month and in May. The possible reasons for the anticipated delays was not made clear.

“In addition to the delayed and cut Moderna shipments, the Premier was notified today by our officials to be prepared for delays to two shipments of AstraZeneca expected from the federal government later this month and next.

As we look to expand our rollout of AstraZeneca to younger age groups and into more pharmacies, any delays to vaccine shipments would be devastating for Ontario right now as we battle the third wave of this pandemic. While we seek to confirm this information, the Premier is redoubling his efforts to secure more vaccines by directly reaching out to our international allies for any available supply.

As part of that outreach, he has already spoken with Canada’s ambassador to Denmark and the Consulate General of the United States, both of whom are advancing our request to purchase any additional supply of AstraZeneca to their respective administrations. Our officials have already reached out to Norway’s ambassador, and the Premier will be speaking to the EU ambassador to Canada as well as the High Commissioner of India later today to ask for any extra AstraZeneca vaccines.

The Premier will continue exhausting every option available to secure more vaccines sooner so that we can put this pandemic behind us once and for all.”

This news comes on the heels of an earlier announcement by the province that the age eligibility for AstraZeneca immunizations was being lowered from 55 to 40 starting tomorrow, Tuesday April 20.


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