Shingwauk Receives Historical Grant

The Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre (SRSC) has received a $90,000 Historical Grant to promote and preserve the experience of residential school survivors through online learning modules.

According to the SRSC website, they “work together with the Survivor groups, church entities, educators, First Nations and others to research, collect, preserve, and display the history of the residential and day schools across Canada.“

They work to develop projects through sharing, healing, and learning. Individual and community cultural restoration is a priority for those affected by the harmful legacy of residential schools.

Krista McCracken, interim director for SRSC comments to SaultOnline about the initiative, “diving into that history, providing a perspective that involves the voices of survivors, and making that available to high school students across Canada.”

“Working with the survivor community, as well as staff in the Shingwauk Residential School Centre, and as well as educators that we have partnerships with to develop content that’s engaging, and really does justice to this important history,” McCracken explains.

“We’ve been engaged in doing tours for the Shingwauk site, and providing programming to everybody from elementary up to post secondary for over a decade, and we’re really seeing more and more teachers wanting content they can bring into the classroom.”

The program will be up and running in about one years time, set to come out March 2022.


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