Indigenous Institutes Consortium receives funding to better virtual learning

The Indigenous Institutes Consortium (IIC) has formed a new partnership with eCampusOntario to develop and improve virtual learning in Ontario for Indigenous students.

Advancement in the virtual capacity of Indigenous Institutes in Ontario came after a historic $50 million investment in the Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS).

Indigenous Institutes Consortium received $398,340 of that $50 million for micro-credential course development. The Indigenous Institutes Consortium in their new partnership with eCampusOntario created two new micro-credential courses.  The courses will focus in Indigenous e-learning assessment strategies and Hybrid-flexible (Hyflex) design in Indigenous teaching and learning.

Indigenous Institute Six Nations Polytechnic, official member of eCampusOntario, will lead in the development of these micro-credential courses.

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig (Algoma University) will also benefit from the new funding and development.

“Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig welcomes the further development and position of Indigenous Institutes in the post-secondary virtual learning space. Our students deserve and will receive the same high-quality education as if they were in the classroom.” Dianne Roach, Acting Director at Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig comments in the press release.

These micro-credential courses will help Indigenous graduates prepare to be leaders in their communities.

“eCampusOntario is very pleased to support Indigenous Institutes in realizing the benefit of virtual learning. Our partnership with the Indigenous Institutes Consortium is helping to ensure the development of high quality Indigenous-led virtual education content, while supporting increased capacity of Indigenous Institutes to continue to create and lead the development of virtual learning for the benefit of all learners,” said Robert Luke, CEO of eCampusOntario.


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