Principals, school boards question Ontario’s plan to host outdoor graduations for all


A group that represents Ontario’s school principals says the premier’s plan to have outdoor “graduation” ceremonies for all classes is not possible this late in the game.

The Ontario Principals’ Council says schools have been planning virtual ceremonies for weeks or months, and don’t have time to pivot to an outdoor in-person gathering.

Premier Doug Ford said Wednesday that he’s encouraging schools to hold outdoor grad ceremonies for all grades — not just grades 8 and 12 — as he announced that classes would not resume in person until September due to COVID-19.

The Ontario Principals’ Council says schools don’t have the budget to cancel their existing plans and come up with new ones.

The council says it is “unrealistic and disrespectful to Ontario educators” to expect them to organize events on this scale this late in the year.

The association representing Ontario’s public school boards has also come out against the plan, saying it is “concerned about the apparent contradiction” between keeping schools shuttered and allowing the in-person ceremonies.



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