Steeper penalties for driving infractions


If driving fast is your way of celebrating your freedom, effective Canada Day the province of Ontario implemented new rules around stunt driving which may slow your roll.

If you were caught stunt driving before the implementation of the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, or MOMS act for short, you would get a roadside suspension and your car would also be taken for seven days.

Now, Stunt Driving which is still 50km/h over on any road with a posted speed limit of 80 km/h or above nets you a roadside 30 days suspension and your car taken away for 14 days.

A big change in this act is you are now considered to be stunt driving if you are travelling at 40 km/h more than a posted speed limit under the 80 km/h range.

70 in a 30, 80 in a 40, 90 in a 50… you get the picture, all if it is now Stunt Driving.

Now, that is just when your caught, at the side of the road. You go to court and you are convicted it works out this way.

  • First Offence – 1-3 years no license.
  • Second Offence – Minimum 10 years no license
  • Third Offence – A lifetime ban which may be reduced at a later date
  • Fourth Offence – No more driving for you, a full lifetime ban.

MOMS also contains rules around “dooring” when you open your car door and hit a cyclist and it has some impact on the E-bike world.

Safety for tow truck drivers and constructions workers is in full effect too. You may see more roads closed instead of just down to one lane for emergency scenes and human flaggers may soon become a thing of the past as automated flaggers are now considered safer.

If you are a commercial truck driver, there are new enforcement rules that can be applied if you are caught driving longer than your allowed hours.

Last but not least, more geared at Southern Ontario but we get caught up in it too, Tow Truck Drivers and Storage Facilities now have to be certified under the new act, abide by a set of rules regarding roadside behaviour and a director position was created to oversea the industry.

The full act can be found here for anyone interested in all the legalize

As always we here at SaultOnline encourage you to drive safely at all times and continue to follow us for news in and around Sault Ste. Marie.


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