Was It a Tornado That Hit St.Joseph Island?


A strong line of severe thunderstorms that rolled into the area around 3:30pm Wednesday may have produced a tornado that hit parts of St. Joseph Island.

Environment Canada has not confirmed a tornado , however a photo taken by Facebook user Ashley Irwin  clearly shows a formation of a funnel cloud.

Other reports to SaultOnline.com and ONNtv say trees are down everywhere, outdoor furniture were flown about and even a flag pole .

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning for St. Joseph Island around  2:30 pm . The thunderstorms, a result of a deep cold front that is sweeping over the area was met with high humidity and heat , perfect ingredients for severe thunderstorms.

The funnel cloud was seen on the Huron Line on St. Joseph Island. It is not known if the cloud actually touched the ground. Strong winds were reported as the thunderstorm hit the area.

SaultOnline.com has been told that many residents on the island are currently in clean up mode. Chain saws can be heard all over the area of Kentvale with many trees downed.


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