NDP’s Morin-Strom will make housing more affordable for families in Sault Ste. Marie


Sault Ste. Marie, September 18, 2021 – NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom recommitted today to make housing more affordable for families in Sault Ste. Marie.

“Housing prices keep going up for northern families who are finding it more difficult to keep up with higher bills.  Justin Trudeau did nothing in his six years in government to help families. New Democrats will build more affordable homes, support families buying their first home and provide up to $5,000 in help for rent,” said Morin-Strom .

The NDP will reduce the cost for families buying a first home by doubling the Home Buyer’s Tax Credit and make 30-year mortgages.  To tackle the housing crisis, New Democrats will help renovate aging housing stock, boost the construction of new affordable homes with an HST rebate for builders, and set up fast-start funds for co-operatives, social and non-profit housing.  To help make rent, New Democrats will provide help of up to $5,000 a year to families who need it.

New Democrats will partner with First Nations to co-develop a First Nations housing strategy and address the high rates of mould in on-reserve housing.

The NDP will protect families from a runaway housing market that is driving up prices in every region in the country.  Jagmeet Singh and the NDP’s National Housing Strategy provides families across Canada with 1.7 million homes —including 500,000 new units of quality, affordable housing.  New Democrats will tighten the rules to prevent big developers from ‘renovicting’ families and crack down on big developers, big money speculators and predatory serial house flippers who are treating homes and housing like a stock market.

“This housing crisis is another example of Mr. Trudeau making people pay the price while he protects the rich,” said Jagmeet. “The cost of a home has increased by $300,000 since he took office. Now, many Canadians have given up on ever being able to afford to buy one. I am not Justin Trudeau. I will make the billionaires and big corporations pay their share and will fight to make sure finding a home becomes more affordable for all families.

“Better is possible. We just need to vote for it.”


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