Holy Walk 2021 – Cancelled


With the onset of Fall, and anticipation of the arrival of Winter, the Holy Walk in Bruce Mines has become a fixture–a part of the celebration leading up to Christmas.  However, this year’s event has, once again, been cancelled and this year it is not only due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Last year we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. We thought it wise to cancel the event for 2020 and the expectation was that by 2021 we would return to business as usual. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of being without a coordinator in a time when organizing a public event such as the Holy Walk requires even greater planning and preparation than ever before.  The public health requirements of holding an event such as the Holy Walk are significant and the notion of placing people at risk (visitors and cast) to convey the story presented in the Journey of Love is inconceivable.”  Stated Ruth Thompson and Ron Smith, Holy Walk Team members, in a media release.

“Based on the recently announced requirements for public gatherings, it would seem prudent to once again cancel the event for this year.  With the added accountability required to manage vaccine passports for visitors and cast, the program will require a coordinator who is willing and able to blend the logistics of the event with those of public health.

The Holy Walk has had, over the years, a committed group of people working together as a terrific team. The fact that the event has succeeded for so many years is a testament to your effort. Each year we see familiar faces alongside the new faces and each and everyone contributes to the success of the event. Our sincere hope is that with your continued support the Holy Walk will return, post COVID to once again present the Journey of Love.”

This annual event has grown in popularity since it was founded and organized in 1991 by Pat Robinson.  It will be sincerely missed again this year and it is hoped that 2022 will see its return.


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