Ontario Student Associations – Resolution of Bargaining Process


20 College Student Associations across Ontario send a final open letter to College Employers Council and Ontario Public Service Employees Union to thank both parties for coming together to an agreement and ensuring a strike did not occur. A relief for more than 240,000 Ontario students.

London – 20 Student Associations and their leaders from across the province of Ontario send a final letter to thank the College Employer’s Council and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union after both parties come to an agreement without any disruption of the academic year.

Both parties coming together to ensure a strike did not occur has resulted in a sigh of relief from more than 240,000 Ontario college students and has avoided catastrophic harm being done to students’ educations and lives.

“As united representatives of our individual student associations, and as advocates for the students we represent, we would like to extend to you [College Employers Council and Ontario Public Service Employees Union] our sincere thanks for taking the necessary steps to ensure students’ educations can move forward without disruption,” said Ricardo Souza, president of the Fanshawe Student Union.



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