Ousted Ontario NDP member says he was turfed over Facebook post he didn’t write


TORONTO — An ousted member of the Ontario New Democrats says he was removed from caucus over a Facebook post he claims he did not write.

Paul Miller, who was expelled from caucus last week, says he does not write his own Facebook posts and says the post at the heart of the issue may have been written by a former staffer.

The NDP did not immediately respond but has said the information about Miller, which is not a police matter, came to light during the pre-vetting process ahead of the June 2 election.

Miller says the post was “offensive” to the general population but he didn’t elaborate on its specific content.

He says he wasn’t given opportunity to explain himself before being kicked out of caucus, and says he is speaking with a lawyer to contest what he calls his former party’s “false allegations.”

Miller says he will run as an independent in Hamilton-East Stoney Creek, the riding he has represented since 2007, in the election.



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