Dogs that work – Celebrating International Guide Dogs’ Day


Commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”, dogs remain one of the most popular pets to this day.  Adored not only for their capacity to love unconditionally, these beautiful creatures are also uniquely sensitive and intelligent.  In fact, their innate intelligence is what has allowed them to be put to purposeful utility for decades now.

A discovery of paintings uncovered in the excavations in Pompeii, Italy actually proves that guide dogs may have been around since 79 AD.  Now, in modern times, their functional capacity ranges from emotional support through to Police work, and also includes their work in supporting those with vision loss or impairment.

On April 27th, International Guide Dogs’ day, it is a time to celebrate and recognize the willing collaboration of these canines and their ability to provide not just love and adoration, but also support to those in need.  In conversation with local resident Melissa Johnson-Arnold, she talks about the life changing moment when she initially lost her vision.  She further describes how working with Guide Dogs changed her day to day existence and gave  her back her independence.

For more information on Guide Dogs, or to make an application to be paired with one, please click here.


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