tax scam

New Tax Season Brings New Scams

Tax season is upon us. Unfortunately that means you may be targeted by scammers trying to trick you into giving them your hard earned cash. Tech Tutors Onsite sat down with  Provincial Constable Monique Baker...

Tips to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

By Tech Tutors Onsite Last year, our kids were watching Netflix when their favorite cartoon started to get choppy.  “Daddy, the TV is buffering!” yelled our son. That is when we knew it was time to...
Surface Book Detach

Time To Break Up With Windows XP and Vista

Time To Break Up With Windows XP and Vista.  As a matter of fact, it was time to do that 2 years ago. We know the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.  And for...
kids technology

Tech Corner: Kids on Technology

Editors Note: The Superior Media Team is proud to introduce Melissa and Marcus Jakimik with their new weekly column "Tech Corner"! Melissa and Marcus are passionate about IT, technology and helping others in the...


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